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Ending Human Trafficking

The National Association of the American People (

As a world in the 21st century we teach our children the horrors of history. We tell our children about the slave trade of Africans to the Americas. We speak of the atrocities that were committed. We speak of noble ideals and shun the thought that these things ever occurred in our history. And we pledge that no living thing shall ever be enslaved again to another. And while we recite these words, thousands of women and children across the world are being trafficked as slaves across U.S. borders and abroad. They will be forced to work as sex slaves, prostituted in brothels, and held captive for the remainder of their days - with no chance of escape, no hope of freedom, passed by the world of people as if they never existed. This is our reality. This is the world we live in.

    Children being trafficked



  "Children are sold directly into the hands of traffickers. These children have no family, no home to return to. They have no hope

The NAAP is campaigning to end human trafficking and end the sex-slave trade industry. These violations of humans occur ever second of every day.

Most humanitarian organizations, most government agencies, do nothing to put a stop to those involved in the slave industry.

In some circumstances, corrupt individuals from the government, such as police, social workers, immigration officials and others, cooperate with organized crime networks in return for financial gain and security benefits. As a result, under-age victims distrust those who are legally obligated to protect and help them. A US State Department report suggests, unfamiliarity with the language, lack of money and proper documentation, mistrust of police or other authorities, lack of information, irregular or illegal immigration status, fear, shame, and isolation further reinforce the victim's dependence on the traffickers.

The pathetic reality is that many at the top profit from this business or visit these types of brothels. They are equally as involved and equally to blame as those who have held them prisoner. There are number of ways women and children become vulnerable victims caught in human trafficking. Traffickers acquire their victims in a number of ways. Sometimes women are kidnapped outright in one country and taken forcibly to another.

There are also numerous cases of women who are trapped into servitude through marriage, where traffickers pose as eligible husbands and then force their 'wives' to act as prostitutes. Some live in unimaginable levels of poverty, making them easy targets for sexual assaults and kidnappings. Many women are also promised better paying jobs abroad. Once they enter another country, their passports are confiscated in order to prevent escape. They are forced to work to return their travel debts. In reality, their debts will never be paid off. They will remain as sex slaves until they die of diseases or are killed.

Many living in poverty also sell their kids off to earn a little extra money. Children are sold directly into the hands of traffickers. These children have no family, no home to return to. They have no hope. In third world nations, some poor have their children stolen from them. These poor try to report these crimes or seek help. However they are only bullied and harassed into silence, even when going to capitals and pleading with top officials to listen to their case. The network of traffickers is so strong and the profits are so high that no official wants to see the crimes exposed, especially as they are often receiving a kickback or commission from traffickers. All the while, parents of stolen children are painfully aware of what has happened to their daughters, what shame and indignity their daughters are forced to endure - and they can do nothing. They have no voice. They do not have our freedoms.

And those women sold into slavery have no voice. Their freedoms are taken from them. Whether they are American women and children, they will suffer the same fate as the poorest of the poor taken from remote villages in the far corners of the globe. They are all mistreated in the same way. They are all seen as human commodities, good only for serving as many as 10-12 men a day, every day until they die of AIDS or are killed because they are sick or pregnant. All these women are told that if they try to escape, a call will be made back home where their family or their child will be killed. If they attempt to escape, they or their families will be killed. If they commit suicide, their family will be killed. If someone attempts to help them, their family will be killed. What would you do in this situation? What could you do? You wake up everyday, being used by the filth of the earth.

Everyday is the same as the day before, or worse. No one cares if your sick, no one cares if you're injured, if your bones are broken, if you're pregnant. No one cares.

Human trafficking has become the third largest trade around the world, after drugs and weapons. But it doesn't even slightly receive the same amount of attention and scorn as the drug trade and illegal arms trade. The NAAP has launched a campaign to bring this issue to the attention of the people, and in turn make it a priority on the agenda of humanitarian agencies and political/social leaders.

We are doing what we can to investigate into this industry and to restore the lives of those who have managed to break away. We will do what we can and we urge you to do what you can. Donate what is within your means to help us fight this battle. Inform us if you have any information on this issue, those missing, those enslaved, or those at risk.

If you suspect someone is involved in this trade, we urge you to contact us directly. You will remain completely anonymous and your identity will be protected.

The details of the lives of women and children forced into human trafficking are beyond the scope of our nightmares. For many reasons, we could not give you the disturbing details and graphics that accompany the stories of these women, the unimaginable things that have happened to them. We ask you to do what you can to spread the word, to donate the spare change in your pocket, or to inform us if you have any information that can help the life of one woman or child. We ask you take five minutes of your day and help us fight this battle to end human trafficking.

Forward this message to other like-minded individuals, and visit to find out how you can help make a difference.

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