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Jamaicans being picked on in Cayman?

There are two Jamaicans who have been charged on the suspicion of rape, robbery and murder in the Cayman Islands. The Caymanians are now saying they don't want Jamaicans in Cayman anymore.

Some sources are saying they really don’t have much evidence, and they think it’s just the typical “everything that gwan a foreign is the yardy get the blame” and if guilty or not, won’t be given a fair trial.

Too bad Jamaica doesn't stand up when their citizens are off land. They are just left to the mercy of which ever country they are in. This link has the source:

Melissiana Hutchinson  (

Seeking information for a UK Documentary

My name is Denis Karam and I am contacting you from TV Production Company in London (UK).

We are currently working on a documentary about World’s thoughts cops and one of them we are going to make programme about is Jamaican Constabulary Force. I am trying to get some stories, pictures or video clips from local papers and locals about police forces and their experience with them. I would be so grateful if you find time to reply to this e-mail or forward it to anyone that you think would be able to help.

Many thanks in advance.

Denis Karam (

Illegal web-based scam sweeping Jamaica has now collapsed with tens of thousands having lost all their funds, many of who were Jamaicans. Had you put out a warning you might have prevented some of these losses. That said, you may still wish to carry the story; it might help warn people from" investing" in other similar scams in the future.

Ponzi Nemesis,   (

IMPORTANT WARNING!!! Confirmed by Snopes

This is for anyone using Internet mail such as Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and so on. This information arrived recently, Direct from both Microsoft and Norton. Please send it to everybody you know who has access to the Internet.

You may receive an apparently harmless e-mail with a Power Point presentation “Life is Beautiful”. If you receive it DO NOT OPEN THE FILE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, and delete it immediately.

If you open this file, a message will appear on your screen saying: “It is too late now, your life is no longer beautiful”. Subsequently you will LOSE EVERY THING IN YOUR PC, and the person who sent it to you will gain access to your name, e-mail and password.

This is a new virus, which started to circulate on recently. AOL has already confirmed the severity, and the anti virus software's are not capable of destroying it.

The virus has been created by a hacker who calls himself 'life owner'.


Susan Neil,  (


A veteran paramedic has developed a system for the average person to maintain a Personal, Paperless, and Portable medical profile. Through the 'Information Superhighway', the internet, profiles are created by members and can be accessed worldwide by Healthcare Providers in emergencies or sudden illnesses. The end result being; urgent medical care with less delay caused by unknown, lost, or destroyed information.

Paramedic and Founder of, Michael Mathis has seen his share of emergencies over the years. Being first on the scene in a lot of cases, he quickly learned that in a time of crisis, gathering essential medical information from a patient or a family member can be a very difficult and sometimes an impossible task. Unconscious and severely injured and in pain, confused or disoriented, or being upset are just a few reasons a patient or family member may not be able to effectively communicate with medical personnel.

Precious and potentially life saving seconds are wasted when a 'from the beginning' approach must be taken to assess and treat a patient. In many cases medical personnel must perform tests, which can be time consuming, to determine a course of treatment due to information such as medical conditions and history not being readily available.

Michael Mathis, site creator stated, "My goal in creating was to give people a way to put all of their pertinent medical information on a secure website that can be updated as their medical history changes. With the technology that we have today every physician and hospital has access to the internet and with this is the future for all of us to keep our vital medical information with us at all times." (Taken from )

If you'd like more information, or you wish to schedule and interview with Mr. Mathis, please contact Lynn Finnell at 501-517-2960 or Toll Free 1-800-770-9691; email: ; or

Mailing Address:

Emergency Safety Consultants,

Lynn Finnell,

P.O. Box 91463,

North Little Rock, AR 72190.

Lynn F,  (

War and Peace, The Issue

Dear Comrades,

On the 2nd October 2008 I was repatriated to Sicily. I do write with concern to the cessation of war. I do urge the cessation of violence and hostilities.

On the fifty fifth session, 7th September 2001, 11th plenary meeting, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Resolution 55/282.

The General Assembly directed to in writing the succeeding declaration.

Invites all Member states, organizations of the United Nations system, regional and non-governmental organizations and individuals to commemorate, in an appropriate manner, the International Day of Peace, including through education and public awareness to co-operate with the United Nations in the establishment of the global ceasefire.

Concrete and heavy situations are pressing upon the people of all states.

The Security Council shall determine the existence of any threat to the peace, breaches of the peace or act of aggression and shall make recommendation to maintain international peace and security.

States shall settle their international disputes by non-violent means in such a manner that international peace; security and justice are not endangered.

Each state has the duty to co-operate with one another irrespective of their differences in their political, economic, and social system, in the various spheres of international relations, in order to maintain international peace and security and to promote international stability and progress, the welfare of nations and international co-operation free from discrimination based on such differences.

All states shall pursue in good faith negotiations for the conclusion of a universal treaty on general and complete disarmament and strive to adopt appropriate measures to reduce and eradicate tensions and strengthen confidence among states.

Each state has the duty to comply in full and in good faith with its international obligations under the principles of international law.

To draw diligence and respect to the aforesaid objective I have demanded the attention of institutions or bodies nationally and internationally.

UN Security Council; UN General Assembly; UN Peace Building Commission; UN Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Dep.; UN Secretary General; UN Security Council Presidents; UN 193 Permanent Mission Representatives; UN Spiritual Foundation; The Vatican in Rome; International Court of Justice; Court of Justice of the European Communities; The Council of the European Union; European Court of Human Rights; European Commission; Eurojust; Inter Parliamentary Union; Association of Secretary General of Parliaments; National Parliaments; World Embassies; Amnesty International; Fundamental Rights Agency; NHS Mental Health Departments Internationally; The White House.

The President of the United States of America; The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; The President of the European Commission; The President of Zimbabwe; The President of Uganda; The President of Russia; Russian Politician, Founder and Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia; The President of France; The President of Sri Lanka; The President of Sudan; The President of Iran; The President of Somalia; The President of Pakistan; The President of Burma; The President of Afghanistan; The President of Kurdistan; The President of Turkey; The President of Somalia; The President of Kashmir; The President of Senegal; The President of Nigeria; The President of India; The President of Ethiopia; The President of the Democratic Republic of Congo; The President of Yemen; The President of Chad; The President of Tanzania; The President of Egypt; The President of Kenya; The President of Albania; The President of Australia; The President of Azerbaijan; The President of Latvia; The President of Lithuania; The President of Marshall Islands; The President of Mongolia; The President of Netherlands; The Presidents of North and South Korea; The President of Norway; The President of Oman; The President of Palau; The President of Philippines; The President of Poland; The President of Portugal; The President of Qatar; The President of Romania; The President of Rwanda; The President of Saudi Arabia; The President of Singapore; The President of Slovakia.

The President of Solomon Islands; The President of Tajikistan; The President of the United Arab Emirates; The President of Bahrain; The President of Belgium; The President of Bulgaria; The President of Colombia; The President of Costa Rica; The President of Czech Republic; The President of Denmark; The President of Dominican republic; The President of El Salvador; The President of Eritrea; The President of Estonia; The President of Fed. State of Micronesia; The President of Georgia; The President of Greece; The President of Honduras; The President of Hungary; The President of Iceland; The President of Iraq; The President of Ireland; The President of Israel; The President of Japan; The President of Jordan; The President of Kuwait; The President of Kyrgyzstan; The President of Uzbekistan; The President of Palestine; The President of Italy.

Committee of the Regions of the European Union; European Social Committee; Office for Official Publication of the European Communities; The World Council of Religious Leaders; European Ombudsman.

His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales; Her Majesty the Queen Elisabeth the second; UK Royal Court of Justice; UK Inspectorate of Court Administration; UK House of Lords; UK House of Common; UK Ministry of Justice; UKM Ministry of Defence; UK Her Majesty Stationery Office; UK Government Offices; UK Government Communication Headquarters; UK Local Government Association; UK Greater London Authority; UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office; UK Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration; UK Improvement and development Agency; UK Cabinet Office; UK Security Service MI5; UK Secret Intelligence Service; UK Government Human Rights Unit; UK Metropolitan Police Forces; BBC News; UK First Minister and Deputy First Minister, Belfast; Youth Justice Board for England and Wales.

A war of aggression constitutes a crime against the peace, for which there is responsibility under international law.

I do raise objections. Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you.

Your Sincerely,

Giuseppe Biundo,

Via Giuseppe Giusti n 61, 90044 Palermo, Sicily.

Giuseppe Biondo,  (

Grieving mother to undertake gruelling walk in memory of promising footballer son

NORMA HIBBERT, whose promising footballer son died in a tragic road accident, undertook a 55-mile walk to raise funds to help other young people achieve their sporting ambitions.

Norma, a 55-year-old midwife, off from the Houses of Parliament in Central London at 06:00am, Saturday 20th September 2008 for the grueling trek to Brighton.

She hoped to raise £10,000, to buy equipment and to cover the administration costs of staging the annual Jonathan Hibbert Foundation Sports Scholarship Trials, which attracts more than 400 young people, aged 16-22.

Jonathan, who was born in Birmingham, England, was studying at Munro College, one of Jamaica's most prestigious educational establishments, when he died on 18th December 2002.

He was traveling in a minibus to meet Norma and his sister Nadine, who had just arrived on the island for Christmas, when an overtaking lorry ploughed head-on into his vehicle. Three other people died in the crash.

At the time of his death, Jonathan, who represented his college and Jamaica Under-21s at football, was due to travel to England for trials with several English clubs including Peterborough United and Reading.

But even though his dream was ended by tragedy, Norma, who is raising Jonathan's five-year-old son, who was born after his death, wants to help fellow young people realize their sporting and education ambitions.

“My pain and sadness is not something which is going to stop any time too soon,” said Norma, of Walworth, south east London. “But I get a lot of joy helping these young people to realize their sporting dreams in a way my son was never able to”.

Since the Jonathan Hibbert Foundation was launched in 2003, dozens of youths, who have competed in the basketball and football trials, have obtained sports scholarships at universities in America and Canada.

Norma added: “These young people are using their sporting abilities to gain educational qualifications which are crucial to carving out a career path.”

You can contribute to the Jonathan Hibbert Foundation via HSBC Westminster branch, 8 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0NJ: Jonathan Hibbert Foundation, Sort Code: 40-07-13 Acc No: 81793101 OR

Dean Chandler,  (

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